Find out more about New Zealand’s constitution in this suite of valuable resources. These resources go into greater depth on general constitutional matters and on the topic areas themselves.

The bibliography is broken down by topic area, according to the logic of the booklet 'New Zealand's Constitution: The Conversation So Far'. There is also an initial section of general reading.

The views expressed in these materials do not represent the views of the Panel or the Government.

We see this list as a developing resource. If you have ideas for further additions, please feel free to suggest them.

General Reading - Books

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Our Constitution

Cartwright, Dame Silvia, ‘Our Constitutional Journey’ Speech to the Legal Research Foundation, Auckland, 9 May 2006

Elias, Chief Justice Sian, ‘Fundamentals: a constitutional conversation’ Harkness Henry Lecture, University of Waikato, 12 September 2011

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Electoral Matters

The size of Parliament

Herr, Richard, ‘Democracy and Small Parliaments: Some Diseconomies of Scale’ Democratic Audit of Australia, 2005

Peterson, Dana Rachelle, ‘Size of the House of Representatives: 120 or 99 MPs?’ (Wellington, New Zealand: NZ Parliamentary Library, 1999)

Report of the Justice and Electoral Select Committee, Electoral (Reduction in Number of Members of Parliament) Amendment Bill (Wellington, New Zealand: House of Representatives, 2005)

The term of Parliament and the election date

Dodek, Adam M. ‘The Past, Present and Future of Fixed Election Date Legislation in Canada’ Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law, Vol. 4, 2010

Hazell, Robert, ‘Fixed Term Parliaments’ (London, United Kingdom: The Constitution Unit, 2010)

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Parliamentary Library paper on fixed and flexible terms of Parliament, February 2013

Number and size of electorates

Beever, Graham, ‘The New Game with the Old Rules: Boundary Determination Under MMP’ Victoria University of Wellington Law Review, Vol. 34, 2003

Elections New Zealand, ‘Electorate Boundaries’

McGee, David, ‘Chapter 2: Electoral’ in Parliamentary Practice in New Zealand' (Wellington, New Zealand: Dunmore Publishing Limited, 2005)

Electoral Integrity Legislation

Fraenkel, Jon, ‘Party-hopping laws in the southern hemisphere’ Political Science, Vol. 64, No. 2, 2012 Access Required

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Report of the Justice and Electoral Select Committee, Electoral (Integrity) Amendment Bill (Wellington, New Zealand: House of Representatives, 2006)

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Crown - Māori Relationship Matters

Māori representation in Parliament

Geddis, Andrew, ‘A Dual Track Democracy? The Symbolic Role of the Māori Seats in New Zealand’s Electoral System’ Election Law Journal, Vol. 5, No. 4, 2006

Joseph, Philip A., 'The Maori Seats in Parliament' (Wellington, New Zealand: New Zealand Business Roundtable, 2008)

Moon, Paul, ‘A Proud Thing To Have Recorded’: The Origins and Commencement of National Indigenous Political Representation in New Zealand through the 1867 Maori Representation Act' Journal of New Zealand Studies, No. 16, 2013 (

Waitangi Tribunal, ‘Maori Electoral Option Report’

Xanthaki, Alexandra and Dominic O’Sullivan, ‘Indigenous Participation in Elective Bodies: the Maori in New Zealand’ International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, Vol. 16, No. 2, 2011

Māori representation in local government

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The role of the Treaty of Waitangi

Hayward, Janine, ‘The Principles of the Treaty of Waitangi’ in Professor Alan Ward (ed.) National Overview: Volume ii (Wellington, New Zealand: Waitangi Tribunal, 1997)

Jackson, Moana, ‘Speech to Health Care Aotearoa Hui: Te Tiriti is No MOA’ 2009 Health Care Aotearoa National Hui

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Other Constitutional Matters

Butler, Petra, ’15 Years of the Bill of Rights: Time to Celebrate, Time to Reflect, Time to Work Harder?’ Victoria University Human Rights Research, 2006

Commission on a Bill of Rights, ‘A UK Bill of Rights? The Choice Before Us’
Volume 1:
Volume 2:

Elliot, Mark, ‘Interpretive Bills of Rights and the Mystery of the Unwritten Constitution’ University of Cambridge Faculty of Law Research Paper, No. 51, 2011

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Ministry of Justice, ‘Section 7 of the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act’

Palmer, Sir Geoffrey, ‘The Bill of Rights After 21 Years: The New Zealand Constitutional Caravan Moves On?’ New Zealand Journal of Public and International Law, Vol. 10, No. 2, 2012.

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