Curriculum Resources

Curriculum Resources

The Panel identified a broad consensus that New Zealanders want to keep talking about our constitutional arrangements. To support these conversations there needs to be improved access to information about the Treaty of Waitangi, civics and citizenship in our schools and communities. A healthy democracy depends on engaged, inquiring and well-informed citizens.

For more information on what the Panel said about civics and citizenship see the Panel’s Overview chapter and Appendix D: Civics, Treaty, and Citizenship Education.

Download the Overview section (.pdf)

Download Appendix D (.pdf)

A list of existing resources is at:

The Panel also commissioned teaching resources to support teachers to use the Panel's information resources in classrooms. The information resources were prepared for the Constitution Conversation, and include facts, quizzes, conversation cards, and information about the topics.

It is envisaged that the teaching and learning can be integrated into current classroom programmes. There are few school-suitable resources on New Zealand's constitutional arrangements - these new resources are intended to start to fill that gap. These drafts resources are here: