Acknowledging a healthy conversation

The Constitutional Advisory Panel thanks all of those who took part in the Constitution Conversation over the past six months.

Co-chair Emeritus Professor John Burrows says, “The response we’ve received to a wide-ranging conversation on our constitution shows New Zealanders care a lot about the future of our country.”

The Panel wants to particularly acknowledge those groups and individuals who hosted more than 100 Constitution Conversations between February and July this year.

“Hosts gave others the opportunity to consider these fundamental issues in their homes, community halls, businesses and marae. We are extremely appreciative of their generous support,” he says.

The topics for consideration included whether or not Aotearoa New Zealand should have a constitution written down in a single document, the role of the Treaty of Waitangi and the Bill of Rights Act in our constitution, Māori representation in local and national government, and a range of electoral matters.

The deadline for written submissions closed on 31 July and the Panel is currently considering these alongside the views expressed at meetings and via online discussions.

The Panel has received 5270 written submissions via the website, by email or by post. Of these, at least 116 are from groups representing the views of their members including two surveys completed by 1092 young people. Some group submissions reflect a consensus among members while others reflect a range of views.

Professor Burrows says the Panel will take in to account all the different ways in which people have contributed to the conversation.

“The analysis of the Constitution Conversation and the submissions is a thoughtful exercise and one step in a much longer conversation about constitutional arrangements.”

The Panel will provide a written report to the Government by the end of year, including any areas of broad consensus where further work is recommended.

While submissions have closed, people who are interested in the constitutional topics can still access resources online at or order printed resources by calling the free-phone number 0508-411-411.


Constitutional Review Panel report released

Hon Bill English

Deputy Prime Minister

Hon Pita Sharples

Minister of Maori Affairs

Media Statement

Constitutional Review Panel report released

The Government has received the Constitutional Advisory Panel’s final report which recommends that the conversation about New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements should continue, Deputy Prime Minister Bill English and Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples say.

The 12-member independent panel spent more than six months having a conversation with New Zealanders about our constitutional arrangements. These included the role of the Treaty of Waitangi, Maori representation in Parliament and local government, the Bill of Rights Act and other matters.

“Alongside meetings and hui, the panel received 5259 written submissions indicating interest in the nation’s constitutional framework, although there is no sense of an urgent or widespread desire for change,” Mr English says. “The Government will now consider the CAP’s report and recommendations, including how the conversation might continue.”

Dr Sharples said he was pleased the panel considered a range of fundamental elements of New Zealand’s constitutional arrangements, including Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

“The Treaty is fundamental to our sense of nationhood, and to who we are as New Zealanders. The question is how we translate that in to increased participation and representation of Maori in our democracy. Those matters will be considered as part of the Government’s response to this report.”

Mr English and Dr Sharples thanked the panel members for their work.

“As the panel itself says, there has been a range of views expressed reflecting the diversity of New Zealand and we appreciate the care that has been taken to ensure New Zealanders’ voices have been heard.”

Copies of the report can be found at

Towards a healthy democracy

The Constitutional Advisory Panel welcomes the release by Ministers of the Panel’s report on the Constitution Conversation.

Panel co-chair Sir Tipene O’Regan says the Panel heard from a wide range of people and communities in Aotearoa New Zealand. The strongest message the Panel heard is that the Government should actively support a continuing conversation about our country’s constitution. The Panel recommends the Government does this by promoting civics, Treaty of Waitangi and citizenship education in our schools and communities and by supporting people to inform themselves about the options for our constitution.

“A healthy democracy depends on engaged, inquiring and well-informed citizens”, says O’Regan. “We heard that New Zealanders are keen to inform themselves and to talk deliberately and consciously about the unique development of Aotearoa New Zealand as a nation.”

The Panel’s report says the Government needs to ensure people can find out more about the current constitutional arrangements and options for the future.

While many of the Panel’s recommendations on the constitutional topics acknowledge there is a need for more discussion and further development, the Panel has made a recommendation to the Government on the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990.

Co-chair Emeritus Professor Burrows says, “The Act is seen as a fundamental and enduring part of the protections in our constitution. It’s also apparent that people would support a review of the Act to explore whether it can be made more effective.”

The Panel recommends a review of the Act to explore ways to limit Parliament’s ability to pass legislation that is inconsistent with the Bill of Rights Act and to protect the Act from change. The review could also look at adding more rights to the Act, including economic, social and cultural rights, environmental rights and property rights.

On the Treaty of Waitangi, O’Regan says “The Treaty is a founding document of government in New Zealand. Having heard from a wide range of New Zealanders, the Panel’s view is that we need better information about the options for the future role of the Treaty. We can then talk constructively about developing constitutional arrangements that reflect this unique and diverse nation,” says O’Regan.

The Panel recommends continuing the conversation about Māori-Crown relationships with a view to developing options for the Treaty’s future role, and does not recommend at this time including the Treaty of Waitangi in a written constitution or abolishing the Māori seats.

You can view all of the Panel’s recommendations on the constitutional topics and the full report A Report on a Conversation: He Kōtuinga Kōrero mō Te Kaupapa Ture o Aotearoa online at

Burrows says the report represents the collective view of the Panel members. The Panel hopes the report will form a useful reference for future conversations.

“It’s now up to the Government to decide what they will do with the recommendations. But this isn’t just about government, it’s also up to communities and individuals to inform themselves and to continue the conversation.”


About the Constitutional Advisory Panel

The Constitutional Advisory Panel is an independent advisory group appointed by the Deputy Prime Minister Bill English and the Minister of Māori Affairs Dr Pita Sharples in August 2011.

Members of the Panel are Emeritus Professor John Burrows (Co-chair), Sir Tipene O’Regan (Co-chair), Peter Chin, Deborah Coddington, Hon Sir Michael Cullen, Hon John Luxton, Bernice Mene, Dr Leonie Pihama, Hinurewa Poutu, Professor Linda Tuhiwai Smith, Peter Tennent and Dr Ranginui Walker.

The Panel’s role was to seek, listen and record the views of New Zealanders on the constitutional issues described in the Terms of Reference and to report back to the Government by the end of 2013.

The Terms of Reference included a written constitution, the role of the Treaty of Waitangi, Māori representation in Parliament and local government, the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 and a range of electoral matters.

In February to July 2013, the general public had the opportunity to make written submissions via email or online, join the Constitution Conversation on Facebook and attend meetings and hui on the Terms of Reference. The Panel attended and supported more than 120 meetings and hui, received 5,259 written submissions and had more than 6,400 people join its Facebook page.

The final report and the information resources created for the Constitution Conversation are available at

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