Automated Content Moderation

Sifting through illegal, offensive, and graphic content is a difficult job that can cause mental distress for employees. These employees are often contractors, working from call center-type offices in developing countries.

Many of these workers have unionized to try to improve their working conditions. They are the internet’s frontline workers, facing humanity’s worst one disturbing picture or video at a time.


Every minute, people send 87,500 tweets and viewers watch 4.5 million YouTube videos. This massive volume of user-generated content creates the need for a strong moderation strategy. Choosing the right method for moderating this content will determine how effective your platform will be.

Depending on the size of your community and the type of content, you may need to use human moderation in addition to an automated system. This involves trained professionals who are familiar with community guidelines and can enforce violation consequences correctly.

Automated filters are a great compliment to manual content moderation. They quickly find and flag images for review by your team. Using a filter can help to reduce the amount of time your team spends on reviewing photos. Filters can also be used to highlight keywords in photos and videos to streamline manual moderation. They are also helpful when there is a sudden rule change, like during the Corona pandemic when masks were problematic.

Hive Moderation

Hive Moderation uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to monitor user-generated content and remove inappropriate or harmful images, video and text. Its algorithm analyzes user-generated content and prescreens it, forwarding only items that need a human review to a team of moderators. This reduces the stress of the job and prevents users from seeing disturbing or offensive content.

Its software includes computer vision, natural language processing and voice analysis. Its image recognition API can automatically identify objects, text and movement in photos and videos. The platform also detects offensive language and hate speech and identifies age-inappropriate content. Its speech analytics API transcribes audio into text and scans it for keywords and phrases that violate company policies.

The platform offers a range of model classes, including nudity, violence and hate imagery, which customers can use to tailor their moderation strategies. Hive also has an open source library for its APIs. The tool is based on Alibaba’s deep learning technology, but it can be customized to the specific needs of the client.

Mobius Labs

Using automated content moderation software can help businesses keep their website free from harmful content. This can improve user experience and prevent customer churn and brand damage. It can also prevent legal liability. However, implementing this type of software requires careful planning and consideration.

This software can recognize a variety of different types of harmful behavior, including hate speech, sexual harassment, and online bullying. It can also identify fake accounts and block access to them. This can be particularly useful for companies that deal with sensitive information.

Mobius Labs is an AI company that offers a wide range of image and video recognition technologies. The company’s trademarked Superhuman Vision AI-powered tech can be used to detect a wide range of unwanted images and videos, including nude photos, racial slurs, and inappropriate language. The platform is available for Windows, Linux, Android and On-Premise. It also features a customizable interface and is scalable. It can be used by a variety of industries to improve the safety and security of their online communities.


In the world of user-generated content, there are many things that can be deemed inappropriate or even harmful. Whether it’s a photo of someone bare chested, a negative review, or a comment with racial slurs, it can be difficult to keep track of it all. However, there is a way to automate the process of evaluating UGC to ensure brand safety and reputation protection.

Besedo’s Implio is a hybrid AI- and human-powered tool for moderating visual and text content on marketplaces. It provides an easy-to-use interface, customizable filters, and keyword highlighting. It also provides clear data overviews and insights to help with moderation decisions.

Besedo’s system utilizes NLP and ML to identify potential violations, parse comments, and determine appropriate filters. Its API offers moderation results instantly and scales automatically. It can be used for image moderation, video moderation, and text moderation. It can also detect fake listings, phishing, romance scams, and pyramid schemes. It can also filter out images and videos that violate privacy policies.

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