Pool Inflatables NZ


Summer season is fast approaching and so are the parties, pool parties are being thrown all over the place. If you are planning to throw a party this summer, then try hosting it in your backyard. It can be an amazing idea to have a pool party at your home and decorate it with pool inflatables. Create a backyard paradise and invite your friends over for a pool party.

Your pool party can have everything from tables to chairs, from a beach to a barbeque pit and from floaties to inflatable sharks to ring toss. Create a theme based on the type of party you want to organize. There are several themes to choose from, like a kid’s pool party, a pool party for the whole family or pool inflatables for kids. Let your imagination fly and create an awesome event!

For a kid’s party, how about having pool inflatables for kids and fun little games like the ‘ring toss’. Get some large ring toss toys, maybe even some that light up. One child will be the judge and ask a question such as; “Where did the rubber band go?” The children will all shout out the location and the one that have it picked up will get to keep it. Then it’s time for everyone else to try and do the same. The person who wins gets to keep the toy.

For a pool party on a sweeter summer’s night, how about some pool inflatables like the lil’ Maggie! With a balloon, a little inflatable donkey and a piggy bank, this game will be a hit. You could also play the game where there is a person in a basket, and you throw a balloon at them. The first person to retrieve a retrieved balloon from the basket wins.

For another cool pool party idea you could set up an inflatable castle. Have lighted torches at the top and bottom of the castle. The middle section could be made up of two smaller inflatable chairs and a couple of small bouncy beds. Be sure that when you place the inflatables in the water that they are level and can touch each other. After all, it would be a disaster if the inflatable castle fell over.

A terrific game that kids love to play is ‘air hockey’. Two players are placed 20 feet apart and use pucks, hockey balls and a net to make passes ‘from’ each other. The player that makes the farthest pass within the time allowed wins.

One cool idea for adults who have deep pools is a volleyball using pool noodles. You could play a game where one player had to be in the water and the other two in the air. The player who goes in the water has to catch the net using their hands and then the next player has to score points by touching the noodle in the water. The first team to reach ten points wins.

There are tons of other pool game ideas that you could use for backyard pool parties. Use your imagination and be creative. If you have a pool in your backyard you can use it for all types of parties from birthday parties to office pool parties. Get creative and you will see all kinds of great things.

When decorating the pool for kids, you want to keep it simple. Streamers are great for poolside decorations. They can be hung, twisted, curled or twirled. They add a little bit of fun to the party. Just make sure they aren’t too long as kids can get tangled up in them.

Another way to add some color to the area is with helium balloons. Kids love floating in the air. You can get these at most major retailers and from online sources. You can find many different sizes and colors to choose from. Just make sure they are safe to hang and that they can’t be pulled up by a wind gust.

Outdoor pool games can really make for lots of fun. If you don’t have the space for bigger games, you can always opt for smaller games like pin the skates on the ice or ‘hot potato’ (if you have a microwave). These types of games can be played year round in any weather condition. The great thing about them is they teach kids some skills they will use later in life. They also keep kids occupied for a few hours when you aren’t planning on a big party.

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