Why Auckland House Washers Are Essential

A house wash isn’t just about making your home look better. It can help improve and extend the life of your paint, bricks, weatherboards, and more.

Over time, dirt, mould, moss, organic matter, and grease can accumulate on your property. It’s important to get this off as quickly as possible to prevent damage and maintain a healthy environment.

Curb Appeal

A home’s curb appeal is often what draws potential buyers into viewing a property, and it can have a significant impact on their perception of its value. For instance, a well-groomed front yard that is free of dead plants or weeds and has green grass will likely inspire a buyer to take the time to see what’s inside the house.

Many prospective buyers start their search for new homes online, so it’s important that a home’s listing pictures have a high-quality, eye-catching look. If a lawn is overgrown, a driveway full of stains or the porch paint is chipping, this can turn off potential buyers before they even step foot into the home.

Auckland house washers can help boost a home’s curb appeal by washing the exterior, windows and walkways. They can also clean off moss and algae and restore any faded brickwork or weatherboards. If a house’s exterior needs repainting, this can also make a huge difference in its overall appearance.


The harsh New Zealand sun takes a toll on your home’s exterior. This can lead to cracking, discolouring and even fading of paintwork. Washing regularly prevents this damage and safeguards your investment.

Regular washing of the house also keeps mildew and mould at bay. These harmful organisms can spread fast and cause many health issues for the family. They can cause breathing difficulties and trigger allergies, especially in spring time. Washing the house often can help reduce these problems and save the family a lot of coughing, sneezing and watery eyes.

A standard house wash includes removing cobwebs, cleaning gutters, downpipes, eaves, barge boards, gable ends, flashings and all cladding and outside window frames. It also includes a low pressure chemical spray of the entire house (applied from the bottom up to avoid streaks) followed by a rinse with clean water. If you want to give your Auckland house a fresh and tidy look, consider hiring professional house washers.

Pest Control

Water blasting is an effective way to clean moss, mould and spider webs from the exterior of your property. It’s also the perfect solution for pre-sale makeovers, preparing a repaint or simply making your home the envy of the street.

A standard house wash includes the removal of cobwebs, a complete cleaning of guttering and eaves (including behind barge boards), gable ends, flashings and all cladding as well as all window frames. It’s important to remember that even the smallest crack or crevice can harbour spiders and other pests so it’s imperative to thoroughly check every nook and cranny after washing is completed.

For the best results, residual spider control should be applied two weeks prior to a house wash. This gives the insecticide time to settle and ensures the house is spider free for a long time after the wash has been completed. This is especially important in bush areas and for homes with lush gardens.

Increased Value

When it comes to preparing your home for sale or repainting, or just making it party ready, Auckland and North Shore house washing is an essential service. Not only will your gutters be clear of leaves and debris, but professional house washing helps to remove moss, mould and organic growth on bricks, weatherboarding and paintwork. This helps to extend the life of these materials and save you money on future maintenance costs.

Mould and mildew are also harmful for your family, as they can cause respiratory problems and other health issues if left untreated. This is why it is important to get your house washed every 6 months to keep the surfaces clean and prevent their growth. This can also help to increase the value of your property in a big way. This is because potential buyers will appreciate a well-maintained and clean-looking property. This is because it reflects the type of person who lives in the home.

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